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Elevate your Style with Wire Wrapped Bangles

Do you believe in having a Jewellery Masterpiece that transforms your style and helps you make a bold fashion statement? Then, Wire Wrapped Bangle is something that you simply can’t miss! Tanay Jewels has an exquisite collection of Wire Wrapped Bangles which look classy and well known for their intricate detailing! This artistic bangle is so beautifully crafted that each part of its bangles narrates the creative skills of artisans. Meant to elevate your overall look, these wire-wrapped bangles embellish the Gemstones and Crystals amidst the artistically moulded and twisted copper wire that makes it a unique and outstanding piece of jewellery to adorn!


Wire Wrapped Bangles: History


Wire Wrapped Bangles is made by highly creative and skilled artisans with the years-old technique of wire wrapping! In this process, the copper wire is beautifully twisted, coiled, weaved and braided to form the shapes and patterns which are unique and hold the natural gemstones and crystals. This ancient technique turns this piece of jewellery into an ancient masterpiece which carries ancient royalty and instantly uplifts the style when carried! It fits your wrist perfectly and complements your overall look with a bold statement.


Gemstones and Crystals


These wire-wrapped bangles have the main element in the centre, i.e., natural gemstones and crystals. These gemstones and crystals are beautifully weaved and braided through copper wires which makes a unique pattern and style of bangles. These gemstones add the touch of earthy element and spark with the natural shine and texture which itself makes the wire-wrapped bangle, the most unique and distinctive jewellery piece that one can ever have.


Also, gemstones are well known for their metaphysical properties. They are meant to have the magic of goodness and good fortune, filling your surroundings with all the positivity and happy vibes. This is also one of the major reasons why wire-wrapped bangles are so popular in demand as it is easy to wear and extremely impressive to elevate your style with any outfit.


Wire-wrapped Bangles is one of the best ways to carry your favourite gemstone while levelling up your fashion style. Some people may also choose the gemstones depending on their mood or colours which suit their personality and go well with their choices. Hence, wire-wrapped bangles comes in diverse options to choose from, making it a perfect fit for everyone!


Elevate your Style

Wire Wrapped Bangles can be explicitly considered to elevate your style from a boring, regular fashion to a classy, royal and bold look! Its intricate detailing with every fold and twist of copper wire shows the artistic skills of artisans and their commendable skills to carry forward the ancient technique to make something so beautiful! These wire-wrapped bangles are the perfect example of how beautifully history has come along in the modern era.


Once the jewellery piece has ancient roots, royalty, the magic of gemstones and creative artistic skills then it is meant to elevate the style which turns heads and is highly appreciated. Also, this masterpiece is one-of-its-kind and enough in itself! It does not need to be clubbed with any other jewellery pieces to amplify the look! These wire-wrapped bangles have the charm to grab the eyeballs and complete the look by resting beautifully on your wrist alone!


Also, it is not dedicated to any special outfit or occasion. Its versatility makes it a perfect jewellery piece to be carried for any occasion whether office party, wedding or family functions and goes really well with any outfit whether casual or party wear.

Hence, it can be your go-to jewellery piece with the magic wand of transforming your style that complement any outfit, any occasion and any place!


Exclusively Yours!


The most satisfying feature of Wire Wrapped Bangle along with elevating style is the feeling that this Wire Wrapped Bangle is made and designed exclusively for you! Yes, these wire-wrapped bangles are crafted uniquely by skilled artists and natural gemstones are always unique in one or another way which means if you own it, it will be exclusively yours. Just your style statement that you can carry proudly to any of your special days! Hence, Tanay Jewels makes sure that you get to choose your rare kind of jewellery piece from a great collection and style it in a way which leaves you in awe!