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Wire-Wrapped Bangles 

Get ready to make a bold statement with our exceptionally artistic wire-wrapped bangles! Made with copper wire, these wire-wrapped bangles hold the potential to uplift your fashion style and take it to the next level. Incorporated with exclusive gemstones and crystals, Tanay Jewels has a wide collection of beautiful wire-wrapped bangles with which you will simply fall in love with! 

Inspired by decades-old wire wrapping techniques, the bangles are handcrafted with love by extremely skilled artisans, who weave, twist, bend and coil the wires around the gemstones and crystals to give them a unique design which is one-of-its-kind. These bangles are adjustable to fit into your wrist easily and elevate your style to complement your overall look. Whether it’s casual or traditional, this piece of jewellery goes extremely well with any outfit and is suitable for every occasion. 

Apart from an exquisite collection of Bangles, Tanay Jewels has also got amazing wire-wrapped bracelets for you! They are comparatively broader than the bangles and come with extremely unique designs wherein the copper wire beautifully embellishes the elegance of gemstones and crystals. 

Wire-wrapped bangles and Bracelets are just more than jewellery. It speaks about the magic of gemstones and infuses the goodness & positivity that each gemstone exhibits, hence connecting you to the spiritual and soothing vibes through the most artistic piece of jewellery!

With excellent design and multifunctionality, these wire-wrapped bangles and bracelets can be your style statement as they features: 

  1. Old Age Artistic Technique: Wire-wrapped Techniques started long back in 1446 BC, hence this is the old age artistic technique that has a vintage charm and is being carried forward as the most loved style of fashion jewellery. So, feel close to the remains of the past and flaunt the historic artistry by wearing these wire-wrapped bangles. 

  2. Uniqueness: Each wire-wrapped bangle is handcrafted with extreme attention to detail by skilled and talented artisans. Hence, each piece of jewellery is unique in its own way and holds all the creativity. 

  3. Versatile: The Beautiful Wire Wrapped Bangles and Bracelets go really well with any outfit that you choose to flaunt for any occasion. Hence, due to its versatility, it can always be your go-to jewellery piece without any doubt! 

  4. Thoughtful gift: You can count Wire Wrapped Bangles or Bracelets as a great gift option to surprise your loved ones as it has the uniqueness, versatility, artistry, multifunctionality and more than that the charm of gemstones that always go with elegance. 

  5. Adjustable Fit: These Wire Wrapped Bangles and Bracelets are for everyone! It is crafted to fit any size of the wrist due to the adjustable technique that makes it accessible to all. Hence, no more worries about the sizes. 

  6. Premium Addition to Your Collection: This artistic jewellery comprises natural gemstones and crystals wrapped beautifully in copper wire that give you a rich and premium look. Hence, this piece of jewellery can be the Premium Addition to your Jewellery Collection which you were always looking for! 

So, pick your favourite wire-wrapped bangle from our exclusive collection, elevate your look, walk-in style and be the game changer to set a new style statement!