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Wire Wrapped Pendants

Turn heads with our exquisite collection of wire-wrapped pendants. These unique pendants will complement your elegance and give you the perfect look that you always desire! Made with precious gemstones and crystals, these wire-wrapped pendants are hitting the growing demand in today’s jewellery trend. With an intricate design, the gemstones are embellished with metal wire, which gives them an artistic approach and uniqueness along with amplifying the goodness of gemstones. 

Wire Wire-wrapped pendants hold the historic charm as the technique is thousand years old and known to be dated way back to 1446 BC due to its advantage of being handcrafted without any fire, electricity, or other modern-day technologies. Hence, it is an ancient piece of jewellery style that you can flaunt around! 

The wire-wrapped pendants by Tanay Jewels come in a wide range that can be categorised on the basis of their shape, colour and variety of gemstones. The beautiful design and curves narrate the allure of these pendants. The wire made with copper is wrapped around the gemstones and crystals and is beautifully twisted, coiled, weaved and braided to give them the perfect look which doesn’t take your eyes off! 

Along with the aesthetic beauty and elegant design, these wire-wrapped pendants also give you the potential metaphysical properties of gemstones. Suitable for every occasion, it is a perfect piece of jewellery whenever you walk out for a party, office or club. So, complete your look with your favourite wire-wrapped pendant which rewards you with the exclusive features: 

  1. Handcrafted with Love: Discover the handcrafted artistry in each pendant which is beautifully done by passionate and skilled artists. It speaks about their art and dedication to bringing out the best jewellery piece for you! 

  2. Magic of Gemstone: Experience the healing and metaphysical properties of gemstones embellished wonderfully in our wire-wrapped pendants to give an aesthetic approach to bringing the magic of gemstones to your life. 

  3. Natural Beauty: These wire-wrapped pendants hold the natural gemstones and crystals that are crafted in their raw and natural form to give you the elegance of natural beauty. 

  4. Unique: Each gemstone and crystal is unique in its own way. So, get your one-of-a-kind piece that will be exclusively yours! 

  5. Amplify your Thoughts: Believe in the spirituality of gemstones? Get the gemstone for your purpose and amplify your thoughts with the positive healing energy of gemstones. 

  6. Perfect Gift for Every Occasion: Get a gift which is as unique as she is! Pamper your loved one with the most beautiful piece of jewellery that she will fall in love with! 

  7. Turn Heads: Adorn yourself with the artistic wire-wrapped pendants and elevate your style to level up your fashion game! 

Discover our exclusive range of Wire Wrapped Pendants and embrace your individuality & beauty with your hands on the best artistic piece of jewellery!