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10 Unique Wire Wrapped Pendant Designs

Tanay Jewels has an exquisite collection of wire-wrapped pendants that leave you in awe of the great creativity and artistry. The wire-wrapped pendants are beautifully crafted by skilled artisans with the years-old ancient technique of wire wrapping wherein the copper wire is twisted, weaved, coiled and braided to form artistic shapes and unique designs. It also embellishes the natural gemstones or crystals that make it one-of-its-kind. When adorned on the neckline, wire-wrapped pendants instantly uplift your fashion style and turn heads while making a bold fashion statement.


Among all the creative and unique designs, there are the top 10 exclusively unique designs of wire-wrapped pendants by Tanay Jewels that you should not miss!


  1. Fossil Coral Octopus Pendant Copper Wire Wrapped Pendant Dainty Gemstone Jewelry


This Fossil Coral Octopus style pendant is one of the most unique designs in the exclusive collection of wire-wrapped pendants by Tanay Jewels. It has the structure of an octopus wherein the copper wire beautifully holds the natural gemstone as the head of the octopus and then the copper wire is artistically weaved and braided to form the impression of 8 legs which are twisted wonderfully, forming a unique design that looks appealing to the eyes and elevates the fashion style to the next level.


2. Rainbow Solar Quartz Druzy Gemstone Pendant Copper Wire Wrapped Moonstone Pendant


This vibrant wire-wrapped pendant is a must-have if you love adding colours to your jewellery and making it a focal point. The rainbow shades in a heart-shaped pendant make it the most unique wire-wrapped pendant as the colours are beautifully spread across and the copper wire holds the charm with a great integrity. The allure of this beautiful rainbow pendant is just unbeatable. It also holds the crystal over the top which is wrapped with a twist and turns of copper wire. This whole design of the rainbow wire-wrapped pendant is too beautiful and soothing to the eyes, making it a perfect jewellery piece to adorn your neckline for an impressive fashion style!


3. Labradorite Pendant Copper Wire Wrapped Pendant Handmade Dainty Gemstone Pendant


Another unique design in the exclusive collection of wire-wrapped pendants by Tanay Jewels is pear-shaped Labradorite gemstones. It strongly embraces the creativity and strength of bending, twisting and weaving the copper wire to make shapes that can withhold spaces and give you clean edges and designs. Along with pear-shaped gemstones which are aligned beautifully in the centre with a copper wire adding a design element, there is a crystal which is amazingly placed at the triangular head of the pendant to balance out the shape and give it a sleek and elegant look. While elevating the overall fashion style, the beauty of Labradorite wonderfully hand-crafted in copper wire makes all the difference when you walk out!

4. Labradorite Gemstone Pendant Copper Wire Wrap Jewelry Rainbow Moonstone Pendant


Another unique and elegant wire-wrapped pendant that you must have in your jewellery collection is a pear-shaped Labradorite gemstone with the magic of rainbow moonstone. This beautiful gemstone is wrapped around with Copper Wire all over it with some interesting curves and twists which makes it all unique and artistic. It is wonderfully crafted with different styles of wire wrapping which are visibly clear and give you the touch of varied sides of creativity. The pear-shaped gemstone embarking beneath the wire wrapping patterns is balanced beautifully with the rainbow moonstone placed at the head of the pendant. Being sleek in design, this is a perfect fit for your go-to jewellery with an outstanding fashion statement.


5. Lapis Lazuli Gemstone Pendant Copper Wire Wrapped Pendant Moonstone Jewelry

This unique wire-wrapped pendant will leave you mesmerised by the level of artistic effort and creativity it holds. Just not only the twists and turns, but this beautiful pendant has also been created with a completely solid wire frame which holds the alluring Lapis Lazuli! The natural radiance of Lapis Lazuli in the centre which has been wrapped with the wire framework is what forms a solid bold statement whenever you complement it with any of your outfits. Being oval in shape with a head of rainbow moonstone with the charm of great design and royalty defines the beauty of this wire-wrapped pendant!


6. Abalone Shell Pendant Copper Wire Wrapped Pendant Handmade Real Gemstone Pendant


If playing with colours in your fashion jewellery is your style, then the Abalone Shell wire-wrapped pendant is definitely for you! From the amazing colour and shades of the Abalone Shell gemstone to its prominent shape and wire-wrapping design, this clearly ranks among the most unique collection of wire-wrapped pendants by Tanay Jewels. The bold wire structure beautifully embellishes the Abalone Shell from all over the edges. Wires are weaved and twisted with minimal design as Abalone Shell has a very strong radiance with multiple colour shades, making a chic and bold fashion statement!


7. Faceted Zambian Emerald Pendant Gemstone Pendant Copper Wire Wrapped Jewelry


Embrace the Faceted Zambian Emerald with a sleek design in an exclusive collection of Wire Wrapped Pendants by Tanay Jewels. With the beautiful persona of the Faceted Zambian Emerald, this wire-wrapped pendant is the epitome of elegance. The gemstone has been wrapped with the minimal twists and turns of copper wire to prevent it from looking too bulky! Due to its extreme sleekness and major emphasis on emerald, this comes as a top choice for go-to jewellery as it goes really well with any outfit and adds a charm of elegance to the whole fashion style.


8. Star Amethyst Gemstone Pendant Copper Wire Wrapped Pendant Handmade Wire Jewelry

Star Amethyst Wire Wrapped Pendant speaks a lot about the beauty of natural gemstones and the level of creativity that can form the most unique shape through the wire wrapping technique. This wire-wrapped pendant will leave you in awe with its alluring beauty. The charm of Star Amethyst is unbeatable and the unique curves & twists of copper wire all around it make it one-of-its-kind which you can’t resist adding to your jewellery collection. Adding spark to your outfits, this pendant will uplift your fashion style to a whole new level!


9. Labradorite Pendant Copper Wire Wrapped Gemstone Pendant Handmade Decent Jewelry


Another unique wire-wrapped pendant in the exclusive collection by Tanay Jewels is the Oval-shaped Labradorite. The beauty of Labradorite, speaks about the elegant style of wire wrapping that forms the clear border to highlight the gemstones with the bold coils and weaving of copper wire at the top of the pendant. The colour shades of Labradorite give the royal and premium touch to the wire-wrapped pendant which resonates with the charm it carries that makes you stand out every time you complement it with your outfit!


10. Wild Horse Magnesite Gemstone Pendant Copper Wire Wrap Pendant Handmade Jewelry


If wearing one-of-its-kind jewellery is your fashion language then you should not miss out on the Wild Horse Magnesite Wire Wrapped Pendant which is the most unique pendant that you can have from Tanay Jewels. Its multiple combinations of huge designs with Copper Wire, beads and Wild Horse Magnesite gemstone in the centre portray its uniqueness from every corner. It is beautifully handcrafted with a unique style of wire wrapping that embellishes the Wild Horse Magnesite Gemstone in the centre and beads on both sides. Being distinctive from the regular shape Wild Horse Magnesite Wire Wrapped Pendant is a must-have in your jewellery collection as it can add a bold fashion statement to your regular outfits and elevate your overall look with extreme elegance and uniqueness.